La Vie Mawé Crisis (Album)

Pierre Chabrèle founded Clan Destin in 1993, a big band unlike any other. Clan Destin perform Chabrèle’s original compositions which are rooted in Afro-Caribbean culture yet totally ahead of their time, drawing from myriad musical influences, criss-crossed with jazz & spiced with funk.

20 years later, the band is back stronger than ever.

Clan Destin is the combined energy of a clan of accomplished musicians

Musical genre known as Classical Afro-Caribbean. A festive fusion of diverse musical forms rooted in the Caribbean, blending tradition and modernity. Soulful, spiritual & bittersweet evoking both carnival & crises, this album above all celebrates life!

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© Copyright – Pierre Chabrèle / PCproductions (887516939914)

Genre: World: Caribbean

Release Date: 2013