Neg Mawon Déwô – New release, out now!


Neg Mawon Déwô is a festive fusion of diverse musical forms which criss-cross Afro-Caribbean rhythms with high-energy funk and groove influences.This is “Classical Afro-Caribbean” music, innovative, refined and jubilant.

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© Copyright – Pierre Chabrèle / PCproductions (193428624825)

Genre: World: Caribbean

Release Date: 1 February 2019


Neg Mawon Déwô, Pierre Chabrèle & his group Clan Destin’s 2nd album goes even further in Chabrèle’s quest to perfect the musical genre he created, Classical Afro-Caribbean.

Classical Afro-Caribbean music celebrates the rich heritage & diversity of rhythms of Chabrèle’s roots yet with a thoroughly contemporary touch.

In Neg Mawon Déwô, Chabrèle expresses a growing awareness of the deteriorating state of our planet, social injustice, rampant corruption and a desire for a world without geographical and musical borders. 

The tracks on this album feature guest singers and a variety of languages, Creole, French, English, Spanish and Italian. Mary Birch & Fabienne Palasciano both added their personal lyrics on the English and French versions of “Protect your Planet”.There are also touching tributes to both his mother & his 102-year old father, together with a song dedicated to Jaade’s mother. The final track is a dub version of Chabrèle’s “Hello my friends” mixed by Joe Ariwa in London. 

Pierre Chabrèle is continuously experimenting, arranging and reinventing music for the future, music rooted in the Caribbean and destined for the whole wide world. 

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