Pierre Chabrèle on stage with Roots Heritage, March 2022

Pierre Chabrèle on stage in 2022

Boney Fields & the BFB, Sunset, Paris, 12 March

Boney Fields & the BFB, Sicca Jazz, Tunisia, 18 March

Daman backed by Roots Heritage, Canal 93, Bobigny (Paris suburbs) 25 March

Jahzz, Bataclan, Paris, 5 May

Jahzz, La Cooperative de mai, Clermont Ferrand, 6 May

Jahzz, Espace Julien, Marseille, 8 May

Urban Soul Collective, Sunset, Paris, 4 June

Boney Fields & the BFB, Festival Jazzellerault, Châtellerault, 86102, France, 14 June

Southern Sound Movement, Caslano Blues Festival, Switzerland, 16 June

Big Dez Big Band, Caslano Blues Festival, Switzerland, 17 June

Boney Fields & the BFB, private party, Gonesse, France, 23 June

Urban Soul Collective, private party, Paris, 24 June

Singing Orchestra, “Bures donne le La Festival”, Bures sur Yvette, 91, France, 25 June

Boney Fields & the BFB, Private party, Saint Denis, France, 1 July

Max Romeo, Summerjam, Cologne, Germany, 2 July

Max Romeo, Roots Reggae Festival, Montroeul, Belgium, 3 July

Max Romeo, Roots Reggae Festival, Ostroda, Poland, 10 July

Max Romeo, Plein-les-Watts Festival, Lancy, Switzerland, 14 July

Max Romeo, Summer Vibration, Sélestat, 67, France, 22 July

Max Romeo, Uppsala Reggae Festival, Uppsala, Sweden, 29 July

Jahzz, Jam’Roots, Rrens-Marsous 65,Hautes-Pyrneées, 30 July

Max Romeo, One Love Festival, Wiesen, Austria, 5 August

Max Romeo, Louvain, Belgium, 12 August

Daman, No logo, Fraisans, 39700, Jura, France, 13 August

Max Romeo, No logo, BZH, Saint Malo, France, 14 August

Max Romeo, Overjam International Reggae Festival, Tolmin, Slovenia, 17 August

Max Romeo, Rototom Sunsplash, Bencassim, Spain, 18 August

Max Romeo, Reggae Lake Festival, Gaasperpark, Amsterdam, 21 August

Max Romeo, Uprising Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia, 26 August

Max Romeo, Festival du Chant du Gros, Le Noirmont, Switzerland, 9 September

Max Romeo, Regal Sound Festival, Arènes de Trèbes, Trèbes (11) France, 10 September

Southern Sound Movement, Notting Hill, 6943 Vezia, Switzerland, 23 September

Boney Fields & the BFB, Romania, 30 September

Boney Fields & the BFB, Blues des Deux Rivières, Belle Isle en Terre, 56, France, 7 October

Boney Fields & the BFB, Pré Saint Gervais (Paris region), 15 October

Max Romeo & Jahzz, Guyancourt, France, 20 October

Max Romeo, Brussels, Belgium, 22 October

Max Romeo + Daman, Tamanoir, Gennevilliers, 28 0ctober

Jahzz, La Boule Noire, Paris, 8 November

Festival Magma Nord, Musical Residence, Workshop Leader, Collège Robert 3, Martinique 5-11 December

Southern Sound Movement, Tesserete, Switzerland, 23 December