The Pierre Chabrèle Story

Since 2010 he has been collaborating throughout the world with:

Liz McComb, Max Romeo, Lisa Simone, Roger Raspail, Boney Fields & The Bones Project, Azanian Diaspora Jazz Ensemble, The Pierre Chabrèle 7 Tet, 5 Tet, 4 Tet …


Boney Fields & The Bones Project, Makaïa, The Creole Jazz Orchestra, Melting Point, Kompabrass, Pierre Sibille, Sista Clarisse, Guillaume Petite, Tiken Jah Fakol, Tino Gonzales, Guy-Al’MC,Douleur
Clan Destin, Kalpata, Krystal Warren, Kenny Neal, SalsAfrica, Cheik Tidiane, Shanna Waterstown,
Jacques Djeyim, Urban Groove Unit, David Murray, Mangala, Calypso Rose


Raul Paz, Touré Kunda, Youssou N’Dour, Exile One, Grammacks, Kassav, Percy Sledge, Bernard Allison, Rido Bayonne, Zao, Wopso, Sofi Hellbourg, Raina Rai, Enzo Enzo, Les Negresses Vertes, Brice Wassi, Big Band 31, Fadela et Sahraoui, St Germain, Gospel pour 100 voix, Boney Fields & The Bones Project, Anthony Gussie & Black Affairs, New Example, Andrew Crocker, Wajabak, Meiway, Oliver N’Goma


Ismaël Lô,  Baaba Maal, Bembaya Jazz, Salif Keita,  Alpha Blondy, Rido Bayonne, SAEPLes Missionaires,Le Grand Orchestra d’Hervé Krief, Savane, Tabala, Shade of Harlem, Difé, Hoodoo, Baobab, Xalam
Raft, 4 étoiles du Zaire, Pépé Kalé,  Kaba Mané

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